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A Guide to Know When to Make a Hero Call in Texas Holdem Poker

A player may frequently make a large river raise in a Texas Holdem poker game, signifying the nuts or best possible hand. This might even come from a very excellent player who does this 99% of the time while holding a strong poker hand and only bluffs the other 1% of the time. When a player recognizes when that 1% is occurring and makes this tough decision, it is known as a hero call.

A hero call is a risky move, often with a marginal hand. The term hero call comes from how challenging and courageous—or heroic—these calls are.

Sometimes deciding to make a hero call can be difficult. You might want to do it, but you are unsure of the circumstance, so if you have ever felt lost in places like these, you’re not alone.

Instead of deciding on the spur of the moment whether or not your opponent “has it,” you should try to take the logical route and come to the best conclusion based on all the information at your disposal.

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When to Make a Hero Call

Making these hero calls on a whim is usually a recipe for catastrophe; you must have an excellent, specific reason in mind. This will save you from losing lots of chips at the table.

Several prerequisites must be satisfied to strongly consider hero calling in a large pot.

You must be playing against a player that frequently pulls large bluffs, or how the hand plays out must justify the hero call. You should ideally choose the scenario in which both circumstances are true since this is the optimum situation to make this move.

Piece the Story Together

Think about how the opposing player played the flop. Do they play regularly, or do they make odd choices? Take your time and ensure you can defend the hero call before pulling it. 

For instance, if your opponent is very aggressive, you can piece together a good picture by considering the player’s habits rather than just the particular wager they have placed. More specifically, you can discover that they’re putting a large bet intending to get you to fold, which would suggest that they’re making their hand appear stronger than it is.

On the other hand, it’s better to avoid using your hero calls too frequently if you’re up against an opponent who employs a tight, aggressive approach, and you know they rarely stray from it. Such players won’t give you much room to take advantage of the circumstance and make it work in your favor.

Take Blockers into Account, Not Only Hand Strength

The total strength of your hand unquestionably determines how you will play while hero calling. Yet, there are specific circumstances where the blocks take precedence over the hand’s actual strength. A pure bluff catcher is debatably more crucial than your hand’s strength.

You must know the potential hand combinations to use this Texas Holdem poker game component successfully. You can decide whether hero calling is a wise move by rapidly examining combinations and the removal implications of holding particular hole cards.

Your goal is to call with a hand that unblocks the other player’s bluffing range and blocks their value range. 

Don’t Get Too Carried Away by Your Ego

You should be mindful not to let your ego affect your decision-making. Of course, it’s easier said than done because no matter how skilled of a poker player you are, you can occasionally lose control of your ego.

In other words, if you’re unsure if a player is bluffing, don’t just hero call to beat or catch them off guard. You will make weak and costly decisions due to the incorrect mindset.

It’s crucial to consider your opponents and be aware of their patterns. Additionally, it’s wiser to avoid taking a chance if the statistics or tells indicate that using the hero call won’t help you catch your opponents.

Making a hero call and winning can look like a perfect scene in a movie, but you shouldn’t concentrate on doing so, especially not in the long run, as it is a bad plan that will cost you a lot of money.

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Hero Calling Differs Online and Live

Hero calls are one of the trickiest aspects of poker, and their success often depends on the environment in which they are made. Live games rely heavily on physical tells – facial expressions, body language, and clothing choices. Meanwhile, online games only offer clues isolated to betting patterns and timing information. Since so much of a hero call’s success depends on reading an opponent’s motivation and intentions, it’s easy to see how playing live or online presents different difficulty levels.

Even pro poker players recognize these differences in playing poker. 

The Benefits of Executing a Hero Call

The ability to make large hero calls as a player occasionally can be a valuable addition to your arsenal. Your opponents may feel less inclined to bluff against you if you use this Texas Holdem strategy to scare them. However, the profitable play is the main benefit of using this move. Being the one to identify “maniacs” who enjoy making massive bluffs in games where you participate can significantly increase your hourly pay.

A massive hero call is challenging by its sheer nature, but you can’t just fold your hand because the wager is too large. You could wait for better opportunities, but if you can read your opponents well and aren’t afraid to follow your instincts, every opportunity can be advantageous.


Hero calls in Texas Holdem can be challenging, but getting to win at the end is rewarding. But this is not a move you should make at the spur of the moment. Take your time to analyze your opponents from their ranges to their tells in live games, and betting patterns, and other stats in online poker. When you get the upper hand, make that call.

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